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Nov 10, 2019


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Stobie Mine headframe sheds light on men’s health issues this November


Vale’s Stobie Mine headframe in Sudbury shines light on dates of significance for the community and public awareness campaigns.

Vale’s Stobie Mine headframe in Sudbury is lit up again, this time for men’s health awareness month.

The headframe is visible to anyone travelling east on the Lasalle extension or between Sudbury and the Valley along Highway 69 North.

Commuters will notice the headframe illuminated in the colour light blue in the early morning or evening.

The headframe will remain illuminated throughout November in support of the annual Movember campaign, which aims to raise funds and awareness on health issues that primarily affect men, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

This is not the first time the headframe has been illuminated.

Vale credits their care and maintenance staff for the idea of the light display used to acknowledge dates of significance for the community or public awareness campaigns.

In October, the headframe was illuminated in light pink for breast cancer awareness month. On November 11, the lights will shine red to commemorate Remembrance Day and Canadian Armed Forces, past and present.

In past months, Vale has also used the lights to raise awareness about issues relating to autism, Alzheimer’s, and bullying.

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