Douglas Morrison

President, CEO

Douglas Morrison

Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) | Sudbury

CEMI is dedicated to making mining safer, more productive and more profitable. We work with mining companies, service companies and researchers to develop technologies that will help mines find more ore, operate more effectively and safely and have a more benign impact on the environment. Sometimes this means new knowledge (research), sometimes it means making better use of older ideas and it always means involving business acumen to bring something new to market.

Industry experience

Doug Morrison has extensive experience in underground mining methods, sound understanding of exploration and mine waste management issues, and broad experience of mining conditions in many countries around the world. He understands the importance of mining but also that the industry has to improve mine performance and reduce environmental impact in order to improve the public perception of the industry.


Since arriving in Canada in 1981, Douglas Morrison spent 14 years at Inco and Falconbridge the deep mines of the Sudbury Basin, in operations and in internal research and development. During that time he became Superintendent of Mines Research and directed the $10M Canadian Rockburst Research Program from 1990-94. He then spent 16 years consulting internationally with Golder Associates, in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and southern Africa. From 2005 he was the Global Leader for the Golder’s mining sector, overseeing resource allocation, revenue growth and strategic acquisitions. Throughout his career he maintained an advisory or Board role with several Ontario-based research organizations engaged in delivering innovation to the mining industry. In 2010, he became the interim CEO at MIRARCO in Sudbury, and in 2011 he joined CEMI as VP, becoming President and CEO in March 2012.


  • Project progress at CEMI.
  • Evolution of mining research and development.
  • The changing role of mining companies in research and development.
  • Developing an investment model of mining research.