SAMSSA Web Site In First Stage of Reconstruction and Enhancements for Members

Media Release April 18th SAMSSA


SAMSSA has received  some funding from Dynamic Earth and others to rebuild the web site and greater mining awareness . Much more will forthcoming and each project will be announced in coming months as they are implemented

Web site Enhancements

SAMSSA‘s web site has become our major source of information and literally our virtual business office.  It is refreshed almost daily with news updates and profiles and has received global recognition by multiple countries.  Recent improvements and a new logo introduced in the past year have been well received.

One of the most applauded new services is the daily SAMSSA News Updates that cover the industry, trends and new projects for SAMSSA Members.

The blog is an important service and keeps our members well informed and major international companies sub distribute to their satellite offices as a major news service.

Approximately 15% of the distribution of the news update stories is within the USA while 10% are picked up by international companies. This expands our presence on a global basis and will be enhanced within our request under a few programs described below.

Content Management:

In order to maintain and grow our online presence and search engine status, we understand the importance of timely and up-to-date content.  Google favours websites which regularly update their content with relevant information for users.  This is why content management plays such a vital role in the success.

Our website acts as a hub for industry news, information and original content.  We partner with our Agency of Record to post this content online and maintain member profiles in a timely manner.  With mining becoming an ever-growing global market, our search engine status is a valuable asset to members, the cluster and industry as a whole.

Recent analysis of the past year indicates that the SAMSSA web site had 20,000 unique users over the course of the year.    Over 10% of those interactions were international.