Dominic Fragomeni

Director | XPS Consulting & Testwork Services | Sudbury

Ever wonder how finished metal is extracted from rock at a profit? It takes technical expertise, energy, manpower, perseverance and understanding of financial drivers of the business. At XPS, we design and optimize all the processes and equipment that all miners like Glencore, Vale, Teck, Barrick use to produce metals that they sell for cash. We work with the operators and project teams to reduce costs of production and increase the recoveries of the metals that improve bottom line margins. We are metallurgical engineers and technologists with years of operating experience. We can help your company improve profitability and grow.

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President, CEO

Douglas Morrison

President, CEO | Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) | Sudbury

CEMI is dedicated to making mining safer, more productive and more profitable.
We work with mining companies, service companies and researchers to develop technologies that will help mines find more ore, operate more effectively and safely and have a more benign impact on the environment. Sometimes this means new knowledge (research), sometimes it means making better use of older ideas and it always means involving business acumen to bring something new to market.

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Lisa Lounsbury, President and Founder

Lisa Lounsbury

Lisa Lounsbury, President and Founder | New Day Wellness Inc. | Sudbury

With 80% more individuals seriously affected by chronic illness than a workplace accident, it is evident that Bringing Health to Health and Safety™ is crucial for corporate success. (Stats Canada 2011). Employees with four lifestyle risk factors are absent over 50% more often than those without risk factors, and cost their employers 2-3 times more in health benefits (The Business Case for a Healthy Workplace, 2011). Companies that support both the mental health and wellness of their employees are more likely to withstand the ebbs and flows of the local and world economy as commodity prices fluctuate. Is your Health and Safety program truly complete? It’s time to Bring Health to Health and Safety.

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Tom Palangio

President | WipWare Inc. | North Bay

In order to improve a process it is necessary to measure and “benchmark” existing conditions and production results. Material handling applications in mining and mineral processing have been a challenge in the past because attempts to “quantify” production were usually disruptive and “grab samples” not necessarily representative of total production.
New technology allows you to track “size, shape and material volume” in real time in a non-disruptive, automated manner that permits optimization and process control opportunities.
This innovative technology lends itself to explosives selection, blast optimization, fragmentation analysis, crusher control, maintenance management, energy reduction, remote size measurement sensing and quality control.
We work with explosives manufacturers, aggregate producers, mining companies, metallurgists, environmental, military and aerospace groups to provide data technology to enable better decisions.
We have 20 years of experience and our motto is “Because you can’t manage what you can’t measure!”

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