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Jul 20, 2018



SAMSSA Strategic Plan is Practical and Increasing Member Exposure 2018-2020



SAMSSA Board Approves of Improved Growth/Transitional Strategy for 2018-2020

The SAMSSA Board approved an enhanced growth strategy at its June 26th Board meeting that will develop a long term sustainable model for the organization which relies on its own revenue stream and full autonomy in the next two years.


Represent Northern Ontario’s 5 billion mining supply and services sector and cluster growth

Assist members in achieving growth and economic prosperity through an expanded value proposition

Work with all available stakeholders and partners to generate new economic wealth for Northern Ontario

Key deliverables include an increased membership drive in Northern Ontario by our new Director of Business Development Paul Bradette seconded from the MNDM in concert with the Board of Directors and Executive Director Dick DeStefano.

Increase Marketing and Member Exposure in domestic and international markets with improved enhancements to SAMSSA “virtual office” at  . Working with a variety of partners we will increase traffic to the SAMSSA web site and use conventional and social media platforms.

Increase relationships with International trade officers and establish contacts to improve more in-bound missions

A new listing on web site that amplifies members’ profiles and access portal  and company product and services.

Numerous packages for members including loyalty programs and welcoming kits and increasing the number of Export Club speakers and activities

Pragmatic business applications will be utilized to increase the visibility of SAMSSA Members in the market place

Check out the newly designed SAMSSA web page and “office” at