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Jul 11, 2018



SAMSSA Member Interview Tom Palangio Wipware


At the CIM 2018 in Vancouver, President of WipWare, Tom Palangio sat down with Jerrod Downey of Crownsmen Partners to discuss Automatic Real-Time Fragmentation Analysis. During the interview, Tom talked about the changes that technology is bringing to the mining industry. In the past, “it has been difficult to introduce new technology into a traditional business”. The mining industry “hasn’t always been receptive to change”. However, with remote sensing, robotics and automation becoming common technology, WipWare’s fragmentation analysis systems and software is on the cutting edge of this new technology. The mining industry is becoming more receptive to automatic processes. “Our technology allows you to measure material in real-time. If you’re off spec, you can adjust it and it’s not disruptive”.  Imaging, computer and sensor technology has really improved. “We thought creating the data…was a reason for being…but it’s getting the data to the people that can act on it”.

Two years ago, WipWare decided to integrate the technology onto mobile devices and introduced WipFrag iOS. There were over 5000 downloads in 18 months. WipFrag iOS is available through the App Store.

The mining industry is not the only industry that our technology can be utilized. Other industries include medicine, agriculture, anywhere that you have materials and want to detect contamination, chemical industry and the explosives industry just to name a few. The applications are numerous and it’s always exciting to find new applications for WipWare technology.