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Since 1989, Main Filter Inc. has focused on the distribution of filter elements and the design of filtration systems for heavy industry.

We expanded into the manufacturing of filter elements in 1997.

We currently cross over 1,200,00 filter elements for over 1,600 companies and are a major supplier to over 60 original equipment manufacturers.

Main Filter Inc. manufactures a full range of Hydraulic Filter products, we are the single source for all your Hydraulic Filter needs.

Our expertise provides you with access to field-tested products and services designed to address your standard or custom Hydraulic Filter requirements.

Main Filter Inc. offers you one of the largest Hydraulic filter cross references available. Our list of filter companies that we have cross references for has over 1,200,000 part numbers, covering over 1,600 different companies.

Our entire focus is on Hydraulic Filters. This assures that we will provide you with accurate, up-to-date information regarding Hydraulic Filter products and services.

Main Filter Inc. will provide you with the right answers to your unique Hydraulic Filter requirements. We know our experienced team will save you time and money.

Main Filter Inc.