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“New technologies will make a mine and both its local and remote managers smarter by becoming instrumented, interconnected and intelligent – Assets will be instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, reporting their location, their status and other key metrics remotely and automatically” IBM. Envisioning the future of mining. White Paper, October 2009

Symboticware is an innovator and integrator of standardized information-based technology that enhances the productivity of mobile mining equipment and mining processes. At the core of Symboticware’s solutions is the SymBot™. The SymBot™ is used in monitoring applications for Productivity Gains, Risk Mitigation, Energy Savings and as a platform for new development projects where real-time data collection is crucial for making better and informed decisions.

The SymBot™ offers bi-directional, store-and-forward, data standardization and remote configuration capabilities. Data collected is processed and can be analyzed on-board for real-time reporting and alerts. Standardized data is also delivered to data management systems for centralized control centers and management reporting.

Symboticware’s intelligent monitoring system provides an innovative solution to industry’s ever increasing need for real-time monitoring. In the mine of the future, the SymBot™ will be a critical component of every intelligent and highly productive mine.

Monitoring and data applications delivered through the SymBot:
Engine monitoring, automated pre-operation checklist, automated production statistics, dynamic load weighing, emissions monitoring, location tracking, proximity detection, traffic control, tire pressure and temperature monitoring, custom data applications.

OEM production and utility equipment we work with:
Caterpillar, Atlas Copco, Sandvik/Tamrock, Kiruna, MTI, Maclean, Cubex, and others

Sample Industry adoptors of Symboticware’s technology:
Vale, Xstrata Nickel, Baffinland Iron Mines, Peregrine Diamonds, Cargill

Recent Projects

  • SymBot – An Open Information Management Platform for UG Mobile Equipment
  • SymBot – Sensor Network and Data Collection for Ventilation on Demand
  • SymBot – An Integrated Open Wi-Fi®/ ZigBee® Sensor Network for Process Automation in Underground Mining
  • SymBot – A Critical Component for Remote Mine Exploration, Development and Operations in the Far North