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Monitoring and data applications delivered through the SymBot:

Engine monitoring, automated pre-operation checklist, automated production statistics, dynamic load weighing, emissions monitoring, location tracking, proximity detection, traffic control, tire pressure and temperature monitoring, custom data applications. The SymBot™ offers bi-directional, store-and-forward, data standardization and remote configuration capabilities. Data collected is processed and can be analyzed on-board for real-time reporting and alerts. Standardized data is also delivered to data management systems for centralized control centers and management reporting.

Asset Health Management Services

Our Asset Reliability services connect the existing mine infrastructure and mobile assets to the management team through advanced real-time reporting and alerts.  We currently help customers with the following services:

  1. Criticality Analysis
  2. Failure Mode Analysis
  3. Condition-Based Maintenance
  4. Performance Metrics

OEM production and utility equipment we work with:
Caterpillar, Epiroc, Sandvik, Komatsu, Maclean, Kress, and others

Sample Industry adoptors of Symboticware’s technology:
Vale, Glencore, Barrick Gold, Newmont-Goldcorp, Cargill, KGHM, Dundee Precious Metals

Recent Projects

  • SymBot – An Open Information Management Platform for UG Mobile Equipment
  • SymBot/SymView Mobile – Key Performance Indicators Delivered to Operators in Real Time
  • SymBot – Remote Geotechnical Monitoring in an Urban Environment
  • SymBot – A Critical Tool in Monitoring Operator Safety Underground