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Sumac Geomatics provides high resolution remote sensing, survey and inventory solutions to assist companies who need answers to spatial questions.  Class leading technology and an analytical approach, provides rich data sets and insightful information for applications in civil engineering, mining and forestry.  Formed in 1996 and operating from Thunder Bay Ontario, Sumac has successfully completed projects across much of Canada providing data and mapping products for a diverse range of uses including: tailings management and volumetrics, mineral exploration, topographic and construction surveys.

Combining expertise in aerial imaging, geographic information systems (GIS) and, photo interpretation, Sumac has the technical capability to handle projects of any type and scale.  For small projects Sumac provides flexible and timely data collection with its fleet of unmmaned aerial vehicles (UAV).  For larger and more complex projects, Sumac has developed a network of service partners, in aviation (fixed-wing and helicopter), geosciences and information technologies.