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Provincial Doors Inc. (“PDI”) is an installer and service provider of the commercial and industrial products and services. Established in 1988, PDI is the largest commercial and industrial door company in Ontario. With a focus on the installation, commissioning and service of mining ventilation doors and systems, PDI can handle the most technologically challenging surface and underground projects. The Company specializes in advanced engineering, design, product manufacturing, automation, and the testing and validation of mining ventilation doors and products on the global market. As a full-service manufacturer, no other competitive company can bring this suite of capabilities and experience to the market.

PDI provides tailored solutions for engineering, manufacturing and distribution of products and services to the commercial and industrial marketplace. This model provides PDI with the ability to maximize client project efficiency, quality and cost management initiatives on capital projects. With offices in USA, Mexico and Chile, PDI can provide a framework for engineering, manufacturing and distribution of mining products and services in North and South America.