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Pioneer Construction was founded in Sudbury by Joe Salvalagio, Pietro Coltinari, and Mario Negusanti in 1938. The team hired Alex Macgregor as manager shortly after.

By the 1950s Pioneer Construction was tackling city and highway road construction, sewer and watermain projects, while expanding into the mining, forestry and railroad industries. In 1954, Pioneer Construction was home to the first asphalt plant in the North. Company ownership transferred to Grant Henderson, Peter Crossgrove and then to Jamie Wallace in 1976.

Today Pioneer Construction builds and maintains highways and municipal roads across Northern Ontario. From logging and access roads to site development for industrial and commercial sites, to highway construction and paving, and open pit mining, Pioneer Construction has acquired a diverse portfolio since its inception in 1938.

Because of its long history and involvement in such a wide range of projects, Pioneer has the equivalent of hundreds of years of experience and knowledge.