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Penguin Automated Systems Inc. is a leading research, development and prototyping company providing professional and comprehensive Robotic & Automation solutions for underground, underwater, in space and on surface applications. Daily operations focus on expanding and inventing new technologies in order to provide their client’s with the most innovative and impressive products on the market. The combination of their expert knowledge and skilled resources can help maximize efficiencies and provide cost effective solutions.

With a suite of products that include underwater and free space optical networking, underground GPS systems and inertial navigation and positioning; Penguin ASI is fast developing as a leading innovator in the field of Robotics and Automation.  Providing solutions from concept and design to finished, working commercial products by applying specialty communications, software and intelligent systems, unique electronics, teleautonomy and mobile mechatronics enable Penguin ASI to provide complete services to meet the demands of a broad range of industries.