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Novenco Consultants has engineered a proprietary formula in blending vinyl ester resins with special receptive aggregates to form an exceptionally hardened, corrosive resistant Polymer Concrete. With a highly trained team of reliable, experienced specialists, NCL is capable of completing projects of any size from manufacturing right through to the final installation as well as providing one of the most comprehensive repair and restoration services available.

Through the insight and guidance of Novenco’s CEO, Mr. Norbert Hoffmann, NCL is instrumental in the development of new and exciting applications for Polymer Concrete technology. High standards, loyalty, pride and commitment are important values which have made NCL a leading force in the polymer concrete industry for many years providing quality 100% vinyl ester polymer concrete to their customers.

There are many advantages to NCL polymer composite materials;

  • 100% corrosion resistance
  • Extreme strengths of 95mpa and flexural strengths of 20mpa.
  • Remarkable impact and abrasion resistance
  • High insulating value
  • High heat distortion temperature

Some of our corrosion resistant precast products include;

  • POLYMER COMPOSITE TANKS – The most advanced technology available for fully corrosion resistant electrolytic tanks.
  • CAPPING BOARDS – for seating of anodes and cathodes.
  • TRENCHES AND SUMPS – for transport and containment of corrosive solutions
  • STRUCTURAL SECTIONS -Pump bases, beams, column and other supporting structures
  • LININGS – for existing tanks, sumps and trenches

Full Product & Service Offerings from Novenco Consultants

  • Epoxy Novalac Coatings
  • Topcretesand resurfacing
  • Polymer concrete
  • Epoxy lining systems
  • Polymer lining systems
  • Decorativeepoxy systems
  • Polymer Tanks
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Refractory Brick
  • Non-shrink grouts
  • High early cements
  • Plastic welding
  • Cementitious waterproofing
  • Joint sealing

Business sectors

  • Mining / Petroleum / Gas

Products fabricated in-house

  • Capping boards, electrode, polymer concrete/reinforced plastic
  • Framing (steel)
  • Linings (polymer concrete)
  • Products (polymer concrete)
  • Tanks (polymer composite)