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Normet Canada is the Canadian arm of Normet Group, a Finnish based company with over 40 locations in 27 countries worldwide.  Normet Canada’s facility in the Sudbury area employs local Sudburians to represent, market and support our products including:

  • Equipment for concrete spraying and transport, explosives charging, scaling, lifting, installation works and logistics.  Normet Canada’s facilities include warehousing and a full service shop with remanufacturing capabilities.
  • Construction chemicals for sprayed concrete, admixtures for all types and grades of pumped poured and sprayed concrete, injection systems for  rock improvement, reinforcement systems for  high deformation conditions, spray applied waterproofing systems and needed chemicals for TBM technology covering hard rock, EPB, open face and slurry type machines
  • The new generation energy absorbing rock bolting system; the Canadian manufactured with Canadian steel D-Bolt system specially designed for efficient and reliable rock reinforcement, in both squeezing and burst-prone strata conditions

Normet has delivered over 11,000 built-for-purpose underground machines which are serviced and supported by regional entities such as Normet Canada.  Normet currently employs over 1000 business professionals with a passion for doing “big” things for Normet and for the industries which the company serves.