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Hardrock manufactures auger drill steel products for soft and hard rock mining operations. We can also custom design auger drill steel to meet your specifications.

Primary business activity(ies)

Hardrock Mining Products are in a unique position to offer products for both the modern as well as the traditional mining methods. With the introduction of modern alloys and state of the art machinery, Hardrock’s products are on the cutting edge of new technology.

Hardrock can supply either finished or twisted only products to be finished at the customer’s facilities. Hardrock Mining Products can design quality specialty drill steel products to custom fit your specific needs.

Our product line includes Drill Bits, Drill Steel, Jumbo Rods, Auger Steel, Auger Rods, Auger Extensions, Extension Steel, Roofbolting Rods for all your Jackleg, Stoper and Rock Drilling applications.

Hardrock’s specialty drill steel products have consistently out-performed leading auger type drill steel products in salt, coal and potash mining operations.

There are very few manufacturers of specialty drill steel products around, so if you feel that you may be experiencing problems with your drilling operations, give us a call and we will be pleased to analyse your current drilling methods and drilling accessories.

Business sectors in which the company operates

1) Construction
2) Fabrication / transformation
3) Mining / Petroleum / Gas

Products fabricated in-house

Auger rods, rock drill
Bits, rock drilling
Drill steel, rock drilling