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Denison Environmental Services – Solutions from Exploration to Closure

A division of Denison Mines – Denison Environmental Services – was created to work through the closure process, meeting all federal and provincial standards, and creating a legacy for the reclamation of a site. Denison Mines once operated the largest uranium mine in the western hemisphere. With the closure of that complex in 1992 came the responsibility of implementing one of the largest closure efforts to date with costs exceeding $55 million dollars.

DES’s unique perspective allows us to understand the true costs a mining company will face as it works through the decommissioning, reclamation and restoration processes. From exploration to closure, DES teams successfully support projects through their entire life cycle, shaping solutions that work – for our clients, the environment, and our communities. Our care and maintenance (C&M) activities are typically carried out at closed or abandoned mine sites to protect human health, safety, and the environment while remediation plans are developed. DES Clients include both private industry and government in Canada.

Our core strength rests within the experience and versatility of our team members to quickly mobilize and address client requirements efficiently and effectively. Our standard procedures have been proven on our own sites and we continue to seek more efficient methods that will improve both our bottom line and yours.

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