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City Welding is a highly respected community leader due to its outstanding integrity and commitment to clients. Founded in 1972, City Welding has grown exponentially due to its dedication to quality and state of the art facilities.  Combined with the ingenuity and experience of a dedicated staff, meeting the diverse and exacting needs of our clients is second nature.

City Welding prides itself on providing superior customer service in every aspect of metal fabrication and repair work attested by the fact that ten (10) of our top fifteen (15) competitors are also our clients.. Being able to undertake fabrication and repair work (on or off site) on a variety of metals including mild steel, aluminum or stainless, City Welding remains a recognized leader in the industry. The company services primarily the mining, construction, oil and gas, forestry and energy industries.

Our mantra has been “Big or small, we do it all”. We repair, fabricate and manufacture steel, aluminum and stainless steel components or projects. When performing repairs, our goal is not only to repair but to eliminate the issue.   We are committed to continuous lean improvement as well as providing a respectful safe environment for our employees.