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Clark Power Train for Mining Equipment
Mines around the world depend on Bull Industrial to keep their production machines running. Since 1977 we’ve provided them with the expertise, the service and the products they need.

Your source for Genuine Clark & Rockwell
With over 300 new and rebuilt components on the shelf, Bull Industrial has one of the industry’s largest inventories of Clark & Rockwell transmissions, torque converters, differentials, planetaries and related parts. So when you need it in a hurry, you’ll get it. And you can depend on Genuine Clark & Rockwell to work harder and last longer.

We know mining equipment
Downtime is a dirty word. But you can count on Bull Industrial for Genuine Clark & Rockwell components and parts, dedicated service and prompt delivery to get you back to work again… anywhere in the world. 

Contact: Pierre Paquette

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2457, Station ‘A’
Toll Free:
Ontario / Quebec: 1-800-461-6283
Rest of North America: 1-800-461-5959