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Our vision is to be the Partner of Choice in engineering services. To us, “partnership” means we cultivate engaging and positive relationships with our clients, our community, and our team.

Clients: We believe that a project is a relationship. The success of that relationship is directly tied to the strength of the partnership we share with our clients. At BESTECH, we act as a part of your team by not only delivering projects on time, on spec, and on budget, but by offering you expert advice and choice along the way to ensure the best final result.

Community: Partnering with our community is at the core of who we are at BESTECH. For over 20 years, we have proudly engaged with and supported countless community initiatives. In 2018, we have had the pleasure of supporting’s Acts of Kindness campaign, NEO Kids, and dozens of other community initiatives.

Team: Being Partner of Choice means building a culture of partnership from the ground up. We focus on communication, team building, charitable giving, and having fun along the way.

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Hurley Group

exhaustFan commissioningField performance testingindustrial fansVentilation

Hurley Mining Equipment and Services Inc. is an Iso registered company in the business of remanufacturing and selling or renting mining equipment. Hurley Ventilation Technologies Inc. is an Iso registered Company in the business of manufacturing new vane and tube axial ventilation fans, systems and accessories.

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Maestro Digital Mine

air qualitycommunication networkscontrolsmonitoringVentilation

Maestro Digital Mine, a division of High Grade Controls Corporation, is a manufacturer of Internet of Things (IoT) measurement and control instrumentation for the optimization of underground mine ventilation and digital networks for the last mile of communication. Our products are made exclusively for the underground mine automation, technology (IT) and ventilation sectors that delivers energy savings and productivity improvements while meeting the highest health and safety standards.

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Mansour Mining Technologies Inc.

Ground Control Bolts and ChemicalsGround SupportResinRock Drilling Tools

Only Canadian owned and operated manufacturer of ground support solutions.

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R.E.G. Mining

Equipment appraisals by certified equipment appraiserMilling equipmentUnderground mining equipment

R.E.G Mining and Equipment Co. Ltd. is a Canadian company located in Garson (near Sudbury) Ontario.  R.E.G's operations include the refurbishing and marketing of used mining equipment as well as the restoration of customer's equipment to their specifications.

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Rocvent Inc

Flexible Lay flat tubing & ductingMine ventilationMineductSpiral DuctVentilation

Rocvent Inc. is a major manufacturer of all types of Mine/Tunnel Ventilation Tubing/Ducting with over 35 years of service to customers world wide.Our Tubing/Ducting is designed especially for the, hostile Mining/Tunneling environment using advanced radio frequency welding equipment.

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