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Denison Environmental Services

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Denison Environmental Services (DES) is a Canadian company valued for its expertise and niche approach. With offices across Canada, DES employs a specialized team of professionals dedicated to the provision of:

• mine decommissioning,
• long-term care and maintenance,
• water treatment,
• mine closure planning,
• permitting, and
• environmental and biological consulting services.
Operating since 1997, DES has a comprehensive understanding of the environmental and physical aspects of the mining process, from exploration and development to reclamation and final closure.

We offer progressive environmental services in site assessment and remediation, environmental planning and ecology as well as water treatment solutions. We provide the same services to producing mine sites that are temporarily placed on C&M due to poor economic conditions.

Our integrated and sustainable approach to addressing complex environmental questions makes DES unique. We are ready to help you achieve and maintain your regulatory compliance in a more sustainable and affordable manner.

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