Hall of Fame

2011 Inductees


Bruce Diplock

Bruce graduated from Humber College from the Electrical Control Technology Program. From there he started his career as a sales representative with Canada General Electric, and then Asea in Southern Ontario. He also worked with Telemechanique in sales both in Southern Ontario and Western Ontario before relocating to Sudbury and joining Dixon Electric Ltd. in 1984, an electrical wholesale distributing company.

During his career with Dixon Electric Ltd., he has led the company and fostered its growth by building the company from one branch to four locations throughout North-eastern Ontario (Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay and Timmins). With these expansions Dixon Electric has seen its staff grow from 9 staff to over 50 staff. Bruce and the staff have also developed Dixon Electric into a successful distributor and evolved the company into a provider of integrated electrical solutions.

On a national level, Bruce has been the past president of the Board of Directors for SEABELL (a division of Independent Electrical Distributors, I.E.D.), a past board member for Electro-Fed Canada and a current limited partner and shareholder of I.E.D. He has received many awards from his business colleagues and partners, some of which include:

  • Certificate of Achievement, Cutler Hammer
  • Innovative Marketing Award, I.E.D.
  • Reward of Excellence, Ouellett
  • Award if Outstanding Growth and Support, Panduit Canada
  • General Partners Award of Excellence, I.E.D.

You may also know Bruce through his many charitable endeavours. Bruce has been a strong supporter of both community and global initiatives including the following:

  • Sudbury Food Bank
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Canadian Feed the Children
  • Me to We building schools in Ethiopia and Haiti
  • Juvenile Diabetes Run
  • Free the Children

The following was submitted by Bruce Diplock’s daughter, Jessica
“Many hands make light work…” is a quote that my Dad has often used on us kids as we may have be sluggish to rise from the table to help with dishes or on any number of other occasions where we were not contributing enough. In the business world, this quote speaks to Bruce’s strong belief in collaboration, teamwork and placing value in the input from all parties involved in a project.
“If you were the last person on earth…” is also another quote that my Dad has used on us kids so many times that we may be inclined to roll our eyes when we hear it now. What it taught us though is to be solutions-oriented, to think outside the box, be self-motivated and always strive for more. It also taught us how to make our own peanut butter sandwiches!!
Often on long car rides, my Dad would play a game with us. He would ask us something like “If we are going 80 kms per hour and we have 30 more kms to go to reach our destination, how long will it takes us to get there?” Although this would seem like a great mathematical game for us kids, once we had been asked these various questions multiple times, we would respond with “Not again Dad!!”. In the long run, what this did teach us was the importance of teaching and mentoring others and the value of problem-solving which has served his entire kids well (Jessica, Brad and Jonathan) in their respective careers.
The last quote I would like to share with you is “Hey…while you are up….” If you can picture the family sitting downstairs watching TV and one of us would get up to go upstairs for whatever reason, you would invariably hear my Dad say “Hey…while you are up…” which could mean anything from, could you grab him a glass of water to go and shovel the driveway. With this quote, he taught us the invaluable art of delegation, multi-tasking and to think of others when thinking of yourself. But ultimately, to try and sneak upstairs without being seen or heard!