SAMSSA is an association will represent the interests of the largest concentration of expertise in mining supply/products and services from within the most recognized center of excellence worldwide.


“Provide the most innovative and highest quality mining supply/products/services for domestic and worldwide markets.”


  • Maximize sales opportunities domestically and globally
  • Utilize on-site visits and virtual channels to actively promote SAMSSA members in active mining centers.
  • Encourage members to develop product and service enhancements through continual research and development.
  • Provide a “one-stop-shop” for mining and related clients.
  • Develop a comprehensive catalogue of member suppliers/products and services for worldwide distribution.
  • Attend at least two trade shows per year to promote SAMSSA member’s products and services.
  • Provide relevant educational opportunities to all SAMSSA members which will improve their understanding of exporting their product/services globally.
  • Provide a multilingual and interactive web site for members and global and domestic customers.

Founding Patrons

  • Dick DeStefano (About Dick)
  • Mike Castron
  • Todd Herold
  • Marc Couse
  • Wayne Jeffkins
  • Adam Tonnos
  • Bob Squires
  • Marc Boudreau
  • Denis Pitre
  • Mark Andrews
  • Bart Hurley
  • Jean-Marc Valade