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The Bucket Shop
We offer on-time bucket overhauls using some of today’s best materials in the combat against wear.
Increased uptime and minimizing the number of change outs is what makes us who and what we are today.

Specializing in

  • CNC cutting operations
  • Full machine shop operations
  • Align boring machine operations
  • On-site field welding
  • Tilt and Load floating services
  • Polymer Plastic supply and installation
  • Tungsten carbide welding
  • Screw conveyor supply and installation
  • Agitator blade fabrication and overhaul
  • Crushing components for mining
  • Full in-house maintenance

Steeltec Welding and Contracting

Provides quality manpower, rigs and tooling on and offsite

  • Structural steel fabrication and install
  • Polymer plastics supply and install
  • Pipe fabrication and install
  • On and offsite align boring services
  • Site-specific demolitions and repairs
  • Chromium carbide plate and fabrication