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Contact: Clem Meunier, Northern Ontario Regional Director

Our value added services at BDI Canada extends into Repair and Inspection services and Inventory Management programs. We know that a breakdown means loss of productivity and money. We’re here to respond by helping minimize downtime through efficient and expert repair, saving you time and money.

“Our spindle repair and rebuilding service has earned a reputation for dependability, performance, advanced capability and quality”
Modern, precision equipment, leading edge technology and skilled technicians assure the restoration of spindle parts to their original degree of accuracy and performance. Furthermore, ultra-sensitive and sophisticated testing devices guarantee against defective workmanship and parts.

• Conveyors and material handling equipment
• Standard conveyors and conveying systems
• Custom designed conveyors and components

“We provide the finest industrial printed circuit board and electronic control repairs available anywhere”
Skilled technicians and engineers plus a library of over 70,000 schematics enable us to serve your repair needs flawlessly. With normal items repaired in 10 working days, the savings in production time and money can be significant.

All repairs are fully load tested before they are returned to you.
Repair services include, but are not limited to the following:
• AC and DC drives and controls
• Programmable Controllers
• Timers and Counters
• Temperature Controllers
• Instrumentation and Machine Tool Controls
• Servo Drives
• Fluid Power Component

Business sectors in which the company operates
1) Mining / Petroleum / Gas

Distributed products
Bearings, industrial
Components, fluid power
Components, power transmission
Equipment, dry ice blasting
Instruments, measuring
Products, linear
Seals, fluid
Seals, mechanical
Supplies, safety
Tools, cutting
Tools, electric power
Tools, hand
Tools, pneumatic