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Excelling in manufacturing and supplying a “unique variety of products and services” to the mining and heavy equipment markets, B&D Manufacturing continues to grow and build a stellar reputation in the mining industry.

B&D product and service divisions include:

  • PORTABLE ALIGN BORING EQUIPMENT (Manufacturer, sales and service)
  • COMPLETE FIELD SERVICES (on site align boring, millwrights, industrial mechanics, welding)
  • ALUMINUM TECHNOLOGIES (specializing in the design and fabrication of engineered aluminum products)
  • MACHINING (complete modern CNC & custom fabrication and machine shop)
  • B&D SOLUTIONS (our newest division, can easily modify and custom build equipment specific to a company’s needs. Companies partner with B&D Solutions gain affordable access to top-notch professionals, unique innovation and reliable, continuous service. Upgrading products, increase production, maximizing efficiency and improving safety is now affordable and possible.)

WipChip (powered by Wipware, is a dynamic on-line woodchip size classification monitoring system for the pulp and paper, and forestry sectors, with the added benefit of allowing full motion control feedback in real-time that will not interfere with production through downtime, but optimize production while reducing production cost.)

With a very active research department, B&D Manufacturing commits to expanding products and services in order to continuously meet customer and industry demands.

Business sectors in which the company operates

  • Construction
  • Fabrication / transformation
  • Forestry
  • Mining / Petroleum / Gas
  • Service industry

Products fabricated in-house

  • Blocking (aluminum)
  • Box, bit (aluminum)
  • Components, hydraulic rock drill
  • Components, pneumatic rock drill
  • Cross head (aluminum)
  • Extractor, drill steel
  • Ladder, platform (aluminum)
  • Machine, align boring (portable)
  • Parts, hydraulic rock drill
  • Parts, pneumatic rock drill
  • Platform, work (aluminum)
  • Products (aluminum)
  • Racks, storage (aluminum)
  • Ramps, loading (aluminum)
  • Ring gears (nylon)
  • Rod Handlers
  • Saddle, vent pipe (aluminum)
  • Wheel chock (aluminum)
  • 120ton lifting mobile Super Jack
  • Stands (aluminum)

Distributed products

  • System, granulometry analysis (optical)
  • Welder, portable bore
  • Hydraulic clamping Fasteners