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B&D Manufacturing

Mailing Address:

4703 Regional Road 15
P.O. Box 5197

Chelmsford, Ontario P0M 1L0

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Contact Information:

Phone: 1-800-668-0324

Fax: 1-705-855-4134




Excelling in manufacturing and supplying a “unique variety of products and services” to the mining and heavy equipment markets, B&D Manufacturing continues to grow and build a stellar reputation in the mining industry.

B&D product and service divisions include:

– PORTABLE ALIGN BORING EQUIPMENT (Manufacturer, sales and service)

– COMPLETE FIELD SERVICES (on site align boring, millwrights, industrial mechanics, welding)

– ALUMINUM TECHNOLOGIES (specializing in the design and fabrication of engineered aluminum products)

– MACHINING (complete modern CNC & custom fabrication and machine shop)

– B&D SOLUTIONS (our newest division, can easily modify and custom build equipment specific to a company’s needs. Companies partner with B&D Solutions gain affordable access to top-notch professionals, unique innovation and reliable, continuous service. Upgrading products, increase production, maximizing efficiency and improving safety is now affordable and possible.)

– WipChip (powered by Wipware, is a dynamic on-line woodchip size classification monitoring system for the pulp and paper, and forestry sectors, with the added benefit of allowing full motion control feedback in real-time that will not interfere with production through downtime, but optimize production while reducing production cost.)

With a very active research department, B&D Manufacturing commits to expanding products and services in order to continuously meet customer and industry demands.

Business sectors in which the company operates
1) Construction
2) Fabrication / transformation
3) Forestry
4) Mining / Petroleum / Gas
5) Service industry

Products fabricated in-house
Blocking (aluminum)
Box, bit (aluminum)
Components, hydraulic rock drill
Components, pneumatic rock drill
Cross head (aluminum)
Extractor, drill steel
Ladder, platform (aluminum)
Machine, align boring (portable)
Parts, hydraulic rock drill
Parts, pneumatic rock drill
Platform, work (aluminum)
Products (aluminum)
Racks, storage (aluminum)
Ramps, loading (aluminum)
Ring gears (nylon)
Rod Handlers
Saddle, vent pipe (aluminum)
Wheel chock (aluminum)
120ton lifting mobile Super Jack
Stands (aluminum)
Distributed products
System, granulometry analysis (optical)
Welder, portable bore
Hydraulic clamping Fasteners