Leasing Support for Canadian Exporters

Good Evening Dick,


My name is Al Pritchard, I’m the Mining Senior Associate at EDC (we spoke briefly on the phone a few weeks ago). Dick, I’m writing to you on behalf of Tomas Cabanillas (currently on business in Argentina) because we are investigating whether Canadian suppliers would benefit from assistance in providing leasing of their mining equipment to buyers in Mexico. One of colleagues has identified that there is incentive for foreign operators in Mexico to lease heavy equipment versus buying the equipment outright. Our feeling is that Canadian suppliers would benefit from having the ability to lease to foreign operators, but we are wondering If you have knowledge of this need in the Sudbury area, and if not, if you can survey some suppliers to get some feedback.


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Al Pritchard

Senior Associate – Mining | Associé principal – Minier Global Trade Group | Équipe du commerce international


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