Industry Briefing on Productivity & Cluster Initiative


Calling ALL Sudbury Industry and Related Stakeholders

Industry Briefing on Productivity & Cluster Initiative

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is helping Sudbury industry and related stakeholders through a no cost program focused on building greater success through a productivity cluster network initiative and business management practices.


On behalf of our supporting community partners -we invite you to join us for a special presentation!

Leader Standard Work





  Kevin Lenko, Lean Network Facilitator, LMS Program, FSA, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium







Leader Standard Work is fundamental to companies that are committed to productivity improvement.  It’s a proven leadership best practice that drives culture change for identifying, implementing and sustaining improvement.

During this cluster event, participants will be provided an introduction to Leader Standard Work, including best practices and challenges to lookout for.

Value Stream Metrics


  Chad Metcalf, President, Value Stream Solutions Inc.  


Measurement of progress is key to making sure our plans and projects are working well. This event highlights the types of measurements that can best focus people on the ‘right’ things from a lean perspective.  Many lean companies have the philosophy of measuring key elements of People, Process and Product, then the money will take care of itself.


In addition to this event, we can provide an Onsite Lean/Productivity Assessment.  This is a no-cost informal assessment from a Lean perspective of your opportunities for productivity improvements.   We have limited spaces available for these onsite sessions, with availability May 17th 18th June 13th PM.  If you are interested, please reply ASAP.


Event Details:

June 13, 2017, 2017 | 8:00am-NOON




Who should attend?

Owners, Executives, Senior Managers, Continuous Improvement Leaders who want to build competitive advantage, improve productivity locally and expand competitiveness globally Agenda Items:

8:45-9:30am Welcome, Introductions, Cluster Event:  Leader Standard Work
9:30 -12:15pm Value Stream Metrics
12:15 -12:30pm Networking /Q&A Adjournment 


       For more information: Kevin Lenko, Lean Network Facilitator, LMS Program,  FSA, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium Tel: 1-289-442-0871 Email: klenko@emccanada.org

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