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Advertising Opportunities

Leaderboard Position will offer one leaderboard advertising position, which will rotate between up to 5 advertisers. This premium sponsorship position will run before the news stories on every single news entry and the homepage.
The value of this position will be the volume of impressions and targeted audience viewing this position.
Our mailing list will receive daily or weekly updates of SAMSSA headlines, where they will be directed to the website to read the full story. Each one of these views will see the leaderboard ad above the news story. Regular web traffic will also see this position throughout the entire site.
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Box Position will also offer 6 box-sized sponsorship positions. These sponsorships will run in the right-hand sidebar of the site beneath the Industry News. These positions are valuable due to the fact that they will be the only sponsorship positions visible when the user scrolls down to read news stories.
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Premium Video Placement

Another area where members can increase their presence and reach on the SAMSSA website is in the Premium Video Placement. This video is in a highly visible position on the site in the right sidebar, where it is strategically positioned between the SAMSSA newsfeed and the Industry News and runs globally. This means that it appears on every single view of the site.
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Homepage Banner Image Placement

The highest visibility position on are the rotating images on the homepage. These images offer an extremely unique opportunity for members to promote their latest news, services or products to other members and website visitors alike. This will be a paid position for full members only and will ensure top visibility.
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Enhanced Member Profiles

We are now offering even more ways to reach your audience through Premium profiles will allow you to increase both the content and searchability of your profile:
CORPORATE VIDEO add your corporate video to your profile for a dynamic presence
CORPORATE PHOTO one large image to better demonstrate products, services or location
INCREASED TAGS tag your profile with up to 15 specific phrases/search terms
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